June pub evening - Tuesday 18 June

HPEA Pub Evening Tuesday 18 June

Message from Susan Quinn

Dear Members and Friends

The next Hyde Park Estate Association pub evening will be held on Tuesday 18th June. The speaker on this occasion will be one of our members living on the Hyde Park Estate, Zoe Birch. Zoe is the owner of a local physiotherapy company Physio Motion (see her website here at www.physiomotion.co.uk) and will give a talk on how physiotherapy can help in our everyday lives and in particular on the importance of resistance training to maintain independence and reduce the likelihood of weight associated illnesses. The talk will include a demonstration of exercises that can be performed at home and an information leaflet regarding topics addressed. Although this may initially seem that it it is mainly intended for those of us in the 'second half century' of our lives, Zoe assures me that it is something that can be useful for all ages.

I look forward to seeing as many of you possible on the 18th June. We will meet as usual in the upstairs Theatre Bar of the Victoria Pub on Strathearn Place from 6.15 - 8.00pm. Please feel free to invite any others in the area who may be interested and who would like to to join our association. We are always looking for new members and our pub evenings are the best way for newcomers to meet us.

Best regards
Susan Quinn